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Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg: With its beautiful beaches, majestic forts and pilgrimage centres, Sindhudurg is a land of undiscovered surprises. The main attractions are the beaches, comparable to the best in the world, with their virgin stretches of breath-taking beauty. Take a houseboat ride, go scuba diving, enjoy snorkelling and explore the enchanting wildlife here – Sindhudurg is the perfect family and fun destination

Sindhudurg Fort, situated off the Malvan coast of Maharashtra, stands as a testament to the architectural brilliance and strategic prowess of the Maratha ruler, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Here is the Sindhu Durg Fort information in English.

“This formidable sea fortress, constructed in the 17th century, holds a rich history and serves as a prime attraction for history enthusiasts, adventurers, and leisure seekers alike.”


Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj constructed Sindhudurg Fort to stave off the growing influence of foreign naval forces along the Konkan coast. Under the direction of skilled architect Hiroji Indulkar, work started in 1664 and was finished in 1667. The fort’s strategic location served to both protect the Maratha kingdom from prospective invaders and to promote trade.

The Sindhudurg Fort is a representation of the rich cultural legacy of Maharashtra and provides access to the area’s historical significance and scenic beauty. Visit Sindhudurg Fort for an unforgettable voyage full of discovery and adventure. It offers comfortable lodging options, delicious eating experiences, and an intriguing history.

Nearby Attractions:

  1. Malvan Beach: A serene stretch of coastline ideal for sunbathing and water sports.
  2. Tarkarli Beach: Known for its pristine waters and vibrant marine life, perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.
  3. Rock Garden: A picturesque garden with rocky terrain offering stunning views of the Arabian Sea.
  4. Sindhudurg Marine Sanctuary: Home to diverse aquatic species, ideal for snorkeling and boat rides.
  5. Tiracol Creek

Best Time to Visit: Wintertime, from November to February, is the ideal time to visit Sindhudurg Fort because of the lovely weather that makes exploring comfortable and pleasurable. However, despite sporadic torrential downpours, the monsoon season, which runs from June to September, provides breathtaking views of the sea and a verdant landscape. Also check Janjira Murud.


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