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# Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

As the island of Chorao moves closer into view from the ferry (via Ribandar), long stretches of mangroves bordering the island come into view. It is here that diverse species of birds come home to every day. And in this cosy, abode lies the Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. It’s small 1.8 sq km sanctuary is open all year round. Apart from the feathered friends you’re bound to spot flying foxes, jackals and crocodiles. The sanctuary is crisscrossed by canals and hence movement is restricted to boats during the high tide. A watch tower provides a birds-eye view of the birds and beautiful vistas around.

# Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

Perhaps the largest of the wild life sanctuaries with a total area of 240 sq kms, the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary also contains the Mollem National Park. Located on the eastern border of Goa, about 54 kms away of Panaji and Margao, it can be reached by road and rail. You may not be able to catch the wildlife residents on your first visit, but animals who are sheltered within it’s majestic canopy are Gaur, Sambar, Leopards, Spotted Deer, Slender Tories, Jungle Cats, Malayan Giant Squirrels, Pythons and Cobras. Since it’s set on the foothills of the mighty Western Ghats it’s surrounded by the beautiful nature all around.

# Bondla Wild Life Sanctuary

Bondla has been a favourite picnic spot for years. Every summer and winter hordes of school kids arrive on picnic to enjoy nature and the company of the zoo inhabitants. Located 38 kms from Margao, the sanctuary houses a mini zoo, sprawling deer park in natural habitat, botanical and rose gardens attract people throughout the year.You’ll be able to spot a gaur and the sambar deer along with panther, jungle cat, leopard, toddy cat and more. The diminutive Flying lizard (Draco) is fairly common. Bird watchers enjoy their day out here for the sighting of the state bird (Ruby Throated Yellow Bulbul), the Common Grey Hornbill and Golden Backed Woodpecker who visit daily.

# Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the bigger wild life sanctuaries with a diverse range of flora and interesting wildlife inhabitants that drop by, Cortigao Sanctuary is a must for nature lovers. Located in the Southern most taluka, Canacona, the sanctuary is about 2 kilometers from Poinguinim. The approach road is easy. The thick forest cover, perennial streams and undulating terrain provide a home to many wildlife. It’s rich 86 sq kms area encompasses a mixture of deciduous woodland. Don’t get your hopes too high of sighting a tiger or leopard, but if you’re lucky you could spot a Wild Boar and the odd Gaur. If you’re the adventurous type you can rent a tent and camp out within the sanctuary or stay at the Cortigao sanctuary rooms for let.


# Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

This comparatively new sanctuary area in Goa is located in the Northern Part of the state, near the village of Valpoi. The sanctuary covers a vast area of 208 sq. km. and ensures the protection of the immense biodiversity found in the animal and plant life that resides in the Western Ghats. The formation of this sanctuary makes Goa the only state in the country that protects the entire area of the Western Ghats that falls within the state. This sanctuary is known for the recent spotting of Bengal tigers within its grounds. There is a proposal to make it into a ‘Project Tiger’ tiger reserve. It is in fact one of the best places try and spot tigers in the State.


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